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Do Children Need Food Supplements?

Learn if children need food supplements from registered dietician Glen Tobias in this Howcast video.


Technically, supplements are for 18 years old, and older, and healthy. Now we are gonna talk about children. You have to be very careful what you giving children, and what you recommend for children.

A lot of children do not eat well, you can go to any restaurant and look at the children's menu. And the children's menu should be banned, and be illegal because everything is deprived and it's a train wreck.

So that being said, they don't probably, eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. What I would recommend, and what I recommend for my children, would be children's chewable vitamins, chewable omega-3 of DHA product. And maybe a whey protein or protein typed shake, to supplement meals, or to just adjust.

Nothing really more than that, I mean a multiple vitamin. I think an omega-3 for the DHA, and maybe a protein powder of some kind to help with certain meals that may be lower in protein. But nothing really else, and I think every child has to be, you know, looked at individually based on age, based on what sport they are playing, based on their medical condition.

There is a lot that goes into that. But in general, I think those three things are pretty safe, and pretty good for almost everybody. Make sure you consult a doctor, or a registered dietitian before you make any of those recommendation, before you give your children any of those things.

Don't just look at magazines or ads and follow what they have to say because they are just trying to sell you a product, whereas you just wanna do what's best for your child.

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