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How to Tweak Supplements for a Weigh-In

Learn how to tweak your supplement-taking for weigh-ins from registered dietician Glen Tobias in this Howcast video.


When I work with my fighters, I give them certain vegetables that are high in vitamin K, which helps with clotting, so in the event that they do get cut, they will clot quicker and faster. Being here at the Wat today, the idea with a lot of the fighters... And you just want to make sure that you're well-rounded when talking to them. But in terms of weigh-ins, I mean, you wouldn't stop your multi, I wouldn't stop necessarily at calcium. Calcium can help you sleep a little bit better at night, so I would take that one at night. Calcium and iron fight, so I wouldn't want to have it too close to what I ate - steak - per say, but in terms of a weigh-in, there's really not going to be much of a problem with the weigh-in. Hydration's going to be a big issue because a lot of guys want to suck ten, fifteen, twenty pounds of water a day or two before the fight. And then they want to know by why, round two or three, they can't even hold their own hands up. It has nothing to do with the fact that cardio or their lungs are not good; it's just that the body is under so much stress, when you lose ten, fifteen, twenty pounds in water in one day, and gain back ten, fifteen, twenty pounds the next. So you're talking about, you know, a twenty- to forty-pound weight shift in two days. And that's what's detrimental to the body. That's why I work with my fighters to drop their body fat slowly over time. Then, at the end, I just take out some carbohydrates so they can intramuscularly dehydrate, lose a little bit of water. I want to minimize the time that they are in the sauna, because that's going to be detrimental.

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