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How Much Water Should You Drink When Taking Supplements?

Learn how much water to drink when taking supplements from registered dietician Glen Tobias in this Howcast video.


"Typically I would tell you it's about 8 oz per pill, usually. That's what the average recommendation is. Again, if you're taking a couple, you know, multi antioxidant and a calcium I'm not saying drink 24 oz of water but you know the more water you can drink with your pills and your supplements the less you have to drink during the day.

In terms of water in general most people are chronically mildly dehydrated anyway. That's why a lot of people would crave salt cause their bodies are just not getting enough water so the body will crave salt so whatever water you do drink the body will hold it, that's one issue.

So most people also get headaches, or a lot of people get headaches and a lot of it it's just due to the chronic mild dehydration. Hunger and thirst mechanisms kind of overlap and they're intertwined and they're not very good, so a lot of when you feel hunger it's actually thirst. It is a critical control point, if we're not drinking enough water, every biochemical reaction in the body is not gonna go off optimally. And that's really what you're looking for, so, you wanna make sure that you're flushing the sodium out of your body, cause every processed bit of food that we eat in this country is sodium ladden so no one's gonna be without salt. We're getting in way too much salt, so that'll help flush the sodium out of your body, so you be lighter, you look leaner, you feel better, cause what happens when you take in too much salt and not enough water you get bloated. You look and feel fat, that depresses you, that makes you wanna eat cause you feel like ugh it isn't working for me anyway so a lot of it stands back to how much water are you drinking.


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