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How to Balance & Plan Meals When Taking Supplements

Learn how to balance and plan meals when taking supplements from registered dietician Glen Tobias in this Howcast video.


How to balance and plan meals when you're taking supplements, first of all you have to talk about what is a balanced meal. And I look at that as proteins, carbs, and fat ratios that are proper for the person, athlete, whatever to get maximum energy form that food, get maximum blood sugar stabilization so your energy is constant throughout the day. If you think about your stomach like a furnace and I were to build the perfect fire inside you, carbohydrates burn like paper in a fire, very quickly. Proteins burn like sticks, even slower. And fats burn like logs, even slower. If you put too many logs on a fire, what happens? You could out the fire out. Everybody has eaten a meal and ate too much fat and got all bogged down and laid on the couch and wish you were dead. Everyone's done that. If you put too many, if you put to much paper on a fire, it burns bright and goes out. So if you eat too much sugar, what happens? Your blood sugar spikes and then you crash. You feel terrible and then you crave carbs and sweets even more. So balancing of the meals is critical and the timing of the meals is critical because you don't want to wait until you get hungry. Because then you're gonna overeat, you're gonna make bad food choices and you can rationalize anything at that point once you're hungry. So the timing is critical, the balancing is critical, and you wanna make sure your supplements are also timed throughout the day. You just don't want to take everything you think you need at one time. Your body has got safety mechanisms and it can only absorb so much of one thing at one time to prevent overdose. I would tell you to take some in the morning and some at night cause you do need nutrients during the day and you do need them while you sleep for the growth and repair that occurs then.

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