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What Is a Calcium Supplement?

Learn what you need to know about calcium supplements from registered dietician Glen Tobias in this Howcast video.


"What You Need to Know about Calcium Supplements

Glen Tobias, ms, rd, cssd

Sports Performance Nutritionist

What you need to know about Calcium Supplements is that, probably, most of the people need to take one.

I don't I think that everybody gets in the 1200 mg a day that's pretty much recommended. Especially if you are a vegan, or you have religious beliefs that would keep you from eating that sort of diary products, I do believe a 100 mg calcium supplement is probably all you should have, at one time, because your bodies just can't absorb that much more. It is important for your skeleton, everyone understands that, for your teeth It helps with muscle contractions, there's a lot of functions of calcium. [due to the] The fact that it's a basic, or alkaline, component, calcium, overal, is probably something that almost everybody should take. And, with that, you want a vitamin D, because vitamin D right now is very big You want a vitamin D2, D3, is even more buy available. Probably why everybody is so vitamin D deficient right now, the reason would be SPF—that's for the skin, because [of] some protection factors that's in everything: I mean, women's make up, you know, moisturizers When people go to the beach they put SPF 112 on.

So it's like using it it's, basically, you're not getting any sun. People are basically animals and we're supposed to be outside. And you can, if you're walking around outside, for an hour or so, you can be without the SPF.

If you're going to go to the beach then I'll recommend it. But they scared us out of the sun, that's why this vitamin D levels are [is] so low. The vitamin D without calcium will not get onto the bone matrix."

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