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What Is the Nutritional Supplement Chromium Picolinate?

Learn what you need to know about chromium picolinate from registered dietician Glen Tobias in this Howcast video.


"What you need to know about chromium piccolinate

First of all chromium is a metal that is needed by the body.Now, I don't usually like chromium piccolinate very much, I like Chromium Polynicotinate better. It's just a niacine bound form of chromium. I like it for a number of reasons: one the niacine which may aid in lowering your cholesterol a little bit.

Chromium can help you decrease you carb and sugar cravings, and that's a great thing. It'll help you stabilize blood sugar a little bit, helps with insuline resistence, so if people are taking in too much sugar and building you know basically what it would be considered almost like a pre-diabetic, this chromium can assist. If you are diabetic, before you start taking chromium you do need to speak to your doctor or your CDE, your certified diabetic educator before, cause your insulin levels may adjust.

If Chromium is important in terms of fat loss. Again if you eat too many calories you're gonna just put on body fat but I think this can aid in stabilizing blood sugar and there's also been some studies that show it actually helps with mood. So if it can help with mood and make people feel better sounds good.

I think a good amount to take a day is 100 micrograms that would probably be something i would look for, not too much more tan, 100 micrograms is probably pretty good


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