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What Supplements Should You Take for Sports Nutrition?

Learn what supplements to take for sports nutrition from registered dietician Glen Tobias in this Howcast video.


First of all you have to figure out what sport, what age, what level of what sport are you playing - because again everything changes. A good multivitamin mineral is probably something that you should think about doing. Its a nutritutional insurance policy making sure you are getting everything you need another product that would be very beneficial would be a branch of amino acid that's something you want to take prior and post workout because it can help you with repair as well - glutemene, prior, post, prior because it can be utilized as glucose and transfer to energy and can help prevent the decay of cortizol which is damaging to the muscle tissue - post for repair - creotene can be used as well that's going to be more of a off season more sport dependent but a lot of athletes can probably do that during their off season and can increase size and strength gains. An omega 3 I would recommend because athletes are working their joints and an anti inflammatory can only help out so these are the things that I would probably say are pretty good basic supplement recommendations for athletes.

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