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How to Pick Nutritional Supplements with Glen Tobias

Learn about registered dietician Glen Tobias, one of Howcast's nutritional supplement experts, in this video.


As an athlete you wanna get the biggest edges that you can and, I am the secret weapon. My name is Glen Tobias. I'm a registered dietician. I have my masters in clinical nutrition from NYU. And I was one of the first board certified specialists in sports dietetics in the country. Today we're at the Wat in Manhattan because I work with a lot of their fighters and a professional fighter, an amateur fighter, they need to weigh in for a certain event, they need to be as strong as possible, and I have to maximize their energy output throughout the entire fight. My company is E3, which stands for eating, exercise and education. You have to eat properly, you have to exercise well and you need the education to get you to where you wanna go and E3 is basically IDP, it's gotta be individualized per person, per sport, per event. It's gotta be delicious because if you don't like it, you won't stick with it. You will for a couple of weeks but then after a couple of weeks, you hate the food, you hate me, and then you quit. And it's gotta be permanent. So that's the P, it's gotta be permanent. Whether you're looking to loose five or ten pounds or you're a professional athlete and you need to maximize your energy output, and increase your lean body mass and decrease your fat. My job is to make sure that the body gets the most out of the fuel you put into it.

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