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Do Any Nutritional Supplements Promote Weight Loss?

Learn if supplements promote weight loss from registered dietician Glen Tobias in this Howcast video.


"Are there any supplements that promote weight loss? again short answer is No.
If you are eating too many calories , you will store body fat, first of all you must take in less calories then you burn. There are some supplements that may assist you in getting the results you are looking for if you are eating the right amount of calories. First being a multivitamin. People think: How is that possible?. Multivitamin is going to be critical because, as you work out, your needs increase, ok? As needs increase and I wanna give you less calories then you're burning, that's what's important, less calories then you're burning, I'm gonna give you all the retreats that your body needs without the calories and that's really, you know where your body will go to it's muscle tissue to brake itself down to get it, because that's kind of productive to the goal. So I would say that multivitamins would probably number one fat loss supplement. There are other things that can also aid in that. For example a Chromium supplement, that may assist you like I would say apolinicotiny(SP). It's gonna stabilize blood sugar a little bit, maybe prevent a little bit of carbon sugar cravings, I think a (...) carotene (...) product, which your body already has that in your systemand it`s just gonna maximize your fat burning ability. It shuttles the fat from the blood into the muscle so you can be utilized for energy. So as I said, you have that already in the body, this is just gonna make sure you get optimal amounts at optimal times to maximize your fat burning potential. That's really all that's gonna do. And again, they are supplements, so if you are not doing anything - don't take a supplement and think it's gonna become a primary it will not do that. If you wanna loose thirty pounds in thirty days and you are depending on a pill you gonna be upset.

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