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How to Prepare for Tough Job Interview Questions

Learn how to prepare for tough job interview questions from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


"Tough Job Interview Questions

The toughest interview question that I find that people come across is the

question, ""what are your weaknesses""? And here's the trick of this question. The

employer they don't really want to know your true weakness. And if they do want to

know your true weakness, you've got to counter it with how you work against that


So the number one answer that people generally give to 'what is your weakness',

is, I'm a perfectionist. That's not a real answer, you know we're all perfectionists. What I need you to do is be somewhat honest about what your

potential weakness is. But I need you to couch it in how you work against it. So for example.

If you're a workaholic, if you're someone that's determined to get the task done, that's inherently a positive. Your employer is seeing this as a great thing. So you're actually giving a weakness that is really something that's

quite positive, and that's how you answer the tough question. What's your

greatest weakness.


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