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How to Tailor a Cover Letter to the Job You Want

Learn how to tailor a sample cover letter to the job you want from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


In terms of a cover letter there really is a specific format that you can follow, but the key is to make it personal. But here's an outline of the three paragraphs that you need to include in a sample cover letter. The first is always about the person that you are writing to so it is a we know each other by virtue of this or I've been following your company and really admire you for that. The first sentence is about them that's what's ultimately going to engage them. The second sentence or paragraph is about your passion for this particular opportunity, why you love this company, why you'd be thrilled to work for this job. Then your third paragraph or sentence is about why you're the perfect fit for this company. You need to on one hand demonstrate that you know something about this company but on the other hand why you'd be perfect for this company. So to summarize, your first paragraph is all about them. Your second paragraph is all about you and your passion for the job and how you want to finalize the letter is by explaining that this is the perfect fit and that's how you write a cover letter.

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