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3 Online Resume Tips

Learn three online resume tips from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


"The thing about doing an online resume is you have so much more opportunity to tell the potential hiring manager about you. Whether it be your portfolio, the opportunity to upload video, links to websites, to work that you've actually done in the past, you can add so much more to your resume than just your average skills, abilities, experiences.

The other thing about applying online that you need to consider is search engine optimization. A lot of times it is actually a computer who is initially reviewing your resume, so you need to make sure that you have words included within your online resume that this computer is going to find as being a fit between you and this company. So the best thing that you want to do is go onto the website of the company, make sure that you're using comparable kind of language. Look at the job description, so that you're using the exact words. This is not the opportunity, or the time, to get creative. You don't want to describe the job or the work that you've had in the past in some creative kind of way that is going to get missed. So please make sure that you are using very specific and tactical words in describing your experience when using an online resume.


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