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How to Answer the "Why" Question during a Job Interview

Learn how to answer the why question during a job interview from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


The number one question that you are going to get asked in an interview whether is verbally stated or not is why should I hire you? And this all the time just stop people in the tracks, but this is the question that you are going to need to answer. This is why the person on the other side of the desk needs to know, how are you going to be an asset to my team? So, what I need you to do is just like in your resume you need to be very specifically target in your responses and what I mean by that is, know what you have done, what kind of experience you have, what kind of skills do you have but I need those skills to be very specifically tailored towards what this company does, and as much as possible, and I do not care if you are applying for a minister in the systems position or marketing position, it does not matter. What I need you to do is understand how this company makes money and in this kind of economy where things are tight and is very competitive, you need to understand how the company makes money and you need to understand how your contribution is going to enhance the bottom line of the company. That is the person who gets hired. So, when someone asks you why should I hire you? you want to talk about the fact that you can save this company money, that you can make this company money, that you are talented, that you are quick, that you think outside the box, that you are innovative and any kind of description that is attached to how you are going to enhance this company's performance and how you are going to improve its bottom line. That is what you want to communicate in the interview. So, whether you are asked the question, Why should I hire you or not? That is exactly the question that the interviewer has in their mind and that is the question you need to be prepared to answer each and every time you need to go for an interview.

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