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How to Use Social Media to Find a Job

Learn how to use social media to find a job from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


Social media is this amazing platform for building a reputation, even when you're not looking for a job. It's to have a voice even before you're looking for a job. And how you do that is to have a Twitter feed, to make reference to, to comment on industry trends, to be an industry expert, to go on LinkedIn and use their platform of question and answers so that you can participate in conversation that's relevant to your industry, so that you can be seen as a knowledgeable resource. I also love using social media, in terms of putting it out there: these are your connections, this is your community, these are people you know. This community that you've built are going to help you to find that opportunity and job. So don't hesitate to use social media to put the word out there that you're looking for an opportunity. And that's how you use social media to find yourself a job.

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