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3 Online Job Searching Tips & Tricks

Learn three online job searching tips and tricks from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


"How to Get a Job: Job Searching Online / Tips and Tricks

Online Job Search/ Tips and Tricks

Nicole Williams Career Expert

""Job searching online is a whole other beast. And it's amazing, because there's so many opportunities out there. The majority of the jobs out there are not posted. So there's the traditional job boards, where there are actual job postings. But I think that, more interestingly, and more opportunistically, there are more opportunities that you can find by following companies. So, for example if you're on linkedin, I want you to follow companies that you are willing to work for. And whet you're going to find is that they're going to be realizing press releases, they're going to be making announcements about pp who are departing from companies, hires that they're making, new clients that they've acquired; and what you need to do is read between the lines. So, they acquired a new company, this is a PR for example, and they just won some new business. What you need to do with that is take the initiative, to find out who is the head of the marketing or the head of HR in this particular company; say Congratulations on the new client that you've just won. I'm a person who works in this industry and I think I would be a perfect fit on this team, and here's why' So, I want you to apply, and to use online media to apply to jobs that haven't even been posted yet. I want you to appear so knowledgeable, and so on top of the industry, and actually look for opportunities that haven't even been posted yet. That is the power of online job searching."""

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