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How to Network Successfully

Learn how to network successfully from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


Networking can be one of those intimidating words that can feel kind of impersonal and kind of smarmy like a car salesman. What networking is, it's all about making connection. And here's a couple of tips. One: You want to make connection anywhere and everywhere. Networking doesn't happen at big events, it actually happens in our day-to-day life. Whether it be walking our dog or standing in line grabbing coffee, at the grocery line. Anywhere that you have something in common with the person standing next to you is an opportunity to network. And instead of thinking the word "network", think "get to know you". It's like, "Hey, I see that you are ordering the same, you know, thing that I am, don't you love this particular blah blah blah?" Anytime you have an opportunity to ask a question and have something in common, you have a relationship upon which to build. And that is the basis of networking. So you need to do it everywhere, you need to ask questions about people. And then last but not least, you need to let people know that you're looking for opportunity. Sometimes when it comes to our career we've got the got-it-all-together disease. We're afraid to tell people that we're looking for a job, we're looking for an opportunity, we've just been laid off. You know, you really do have to put it out there, otherwise people don't know that you need something from them. And this person who's walking his dog may have the perfect job for you but unless you say, "I'm looking for a job", you're never gonna know it. That's how you network.

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