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How to Ask for a Job

Learn how to ask for a job from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


If at all possible you do not want to have to actually get to the point of asking for a job, what you want it to, is make a crystal clear how and why you be perfect for this job, ultimately you want to be talking about yourself in terms that are very positive, very proactive, very result oriented. So, ultimately the person on the other side of the desk ask you: "Would you like a job?" And this is true not in the interview scenario but you also want to be meeting with people out and about, you know all over in your everyday life, talking about yourself, talking about what you are interested in. Most people are very attracted to people who are energetic, who are positive in life and if you carry that attitude through, you will be surprised at how many opportunities actually end up presenting themselves. So, say you meet someone about your networking and you get introduced to a company that you love to work for, what you need to do is talk about how you would be the perfect fit for this opportunity and you just simply ask the question: " Is there an opportunity here?" I would love to work with you and believe me ultimately at the end of the day asking for a job will get you respected. It's the way to actually ask for what you want and you never going to know if you could not have got the job unless you ask.

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