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What Are the Highest Paying Careers?

Learn how to land a high-paying career from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


When we think about what are the highest paying careers, we automatically go to lawyers, finance, doctors. But actually one of the things you need to know is that regardless of what industry you're in, you could be a mail technician, you could be a dog walker, it doesn't matter what you are, you will become the most highest paid in that profession if you do a couple of different things. Number one, you want to act, even if you're working for someone else, as an entrepreneur. You want to see your skillset as a business. You need to develop that. You need to take responsibility for it. You need to learn as much as possible. Number two and this is where this is attached to learning as much as possible I'm not a big believer of being a jack-of-all-trades. If you want to be really well paid, you need to dive deep into an area of expertise so that you can surpass the knowledgebase of the general public. That is what's going to ultimately get you paid a lot of money. The other thing is you need to build a reputation. There are only 24 hours in a day, and how you build your reputation as being the best in your field is to do your best job each and every time. So when you go into any given work-based situation, even if you're not getting paid top dollar in that initial first job or first opportunity, you need to hit it out of the park so that you get to be known as that person who does a fantastic job. To make top dollar you need to focus like an entrepreneur, you need to be very specific in your skill set, you've got to dig deep, and at the end of the day you've got to build a reputation so that people know that you are the absolute best in the industry. That's how you're going to make a lot of money.

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