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How to Handle a Bad Boss

Learn how to handle a bad boss from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


Over the course of your career, you're inevitably going to deal with a bad boss. Kind of like the old dating adage "A leopard doesn't change his spots," there's real truth to it when it comes to a boss. A lot of times a boss, you know, is set in his ways, this is the kind of behavior that he exudes, and you've got two choices. One, you can work with what you have and think of the positive and focus on the positive. Or you can get out from underneath that boss. You can look for an opportunity, you know, within the company outside of this particular individual. Usually a bad boss, they're known to be a bad boss, even by their superiors, but the fact of the matter is they're offering something to that company that makes it worth them remaining in this position. There's also a more subversive way of bossing your boss, you know, and learning what your boss's style is, what are his or her triggers, knowing what it is that makes them a bad boss and changing your behavior so that you can work more effectively with them. One of the mistakes I see people make is they think, "Okay, this boss is really crummy, so I'm just going to go and find another boss." But bosses are people so all bosses are inevitably going to have faults. It's up to us to work as effectively as possible with them so that they don't detract or deter away from our careers. Bad bosses are a reality. Make it work for you.

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