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How to Ask Colleagues Out for Drinks after Work

Learn how to ask colleagues out for drinks after work from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


"Some of the best career advancement happens, not in the office but out of the

office are drinks after work. So, as much as possible if you are invited to go

out for drinks after work, I want you to take advantage of it but here is the

couple of rules. One, I do not want to drink too much. One drink is the limit

and then start to drink water. It is fine to have a drink because you are going

out for drinks after work and it is fun and conversational and that is all fine

but you really do need to know your limits. But sometimes because it is a work,

that slope can be slippery. Sometimes we use alcohol to feel more confident,

make us feel more comfortable in this situation where we may meet our Bosses,

the clients. So, it is really important that you only have one drink and know

your limit. The other thing that you need to remember in drinks after work is

that here is your opportunity to reach out sign of the scope of day to day work

place. So, this is actually a time where you want to get to know the people whom you are working with. You can ask the questions where did your son go to school? or you know what your favorite part about this job? This is your opportunity to get to know someone on a more personal level, which will help you to build rapport in the workplace after the back. But drinks after work is not the time that meant how crappy the day was and let us discuss that budget. Generally speaking people going out after work to release some tension. After that day I worked with people who, they work with a new understand what has happened over the course of the day, but it is not necessary to exclusively talk about work, so just do not be worry about that. Drinks after work can be a really important part of your career development."

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