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Social Media Etiquette Regarding Photos and Job Search

Learn about social media etiquette regarding photos and your job search from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


Now that we are using social media to build our careers, etiquette is immensely important and especially when it comes to photographs. Bosses, clients you know potential employers, they are going to search you online and every photo that is out there is subject to be seen. You definitely want to have photographs that show you in lifestyle, kinds of conditions but show your best selves. So, when you are running across the finish line of a marathon, when you are climbing a mountain, when you are walking your dog, your photographs are supplementing your story. So, as much as possible, you want these photographs to show your best selves and definitely do not have photos that would make an employer potentially question your, not only your integrity but your disgression. I have heard many story about potential hiring managers going someone and seen a photograph that immediately take this person out of the running. You want a professional photograph specially your LinkedIn profile. You are seven times more likely having your profile viewed to have your photograph. What you are looking for in a photograph that executes energy and confidence. You know your shoulders are back, your hair is brushed, you are wearing an appropriate outfit. Lots of time people ask me a question; can I have a photograph that is ten years old? By and large, No. If this photograph does not look like you, if they did not recognize you when you are coming in for the interview, the photograph is not appropriate. That needs to look like you and that is true for a lot of older people who are applying for jobs, hoping that they are going to get, out from under the stereotype that they are too old to apply for a position, you do not want a twenty year old photograph. The photograph has to look like you or else you are going to be perceived dubious being perceptive and that is no way to start a relationship.

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