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How to Deal with Office Gossip

Learn how to deal with office gossip from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


We were working long hours and inevitably with that comes the potential for office gossip. There are two tips here. One, you need to steer clear of it as much as possible and how to do that is, focus as much as possible on the positive. So, if there it is a opportunity to talk about someone do it in most positive way possible. You can very discreetly eliminate yourself from the situation, remove yourself from the situation. If you find that you are a target of office gossip, one of the things you need to do first and foremost is consider the source, is this someone who is reliable, do you think this is real truthful information and then, so that it doesn't get exacerbated and so that you really do understand what the situation is, you wanna approach the individual who is gossiping about you directly and just ask them the question. Are you gossiping about me, what are you saying about me. Gossip has that bully dimension and if you go straight to the source and confront someone who is gossiping about you, chances are they never gonna do it again.

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