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How to Dress for Success

Learn how to dress for success from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


"Dress for success, it's a phrase that we hear all the time in the world of work, but what does it actually mean? There are 3 different components to dressing for success. The first is making a match for the industry you're in, it's all about fitting. So in a more traditional law or finance industry you're going to be dressing more conservatively. If you're working in PR or media you can dress more flamboyantly, more stylishly.

It also depends on your geographical location. What's appropriate in San Francisco, LA is different from what's appropriate in New York. So you know, there really aren't any tried and true rules, what you need to do is to be industry appropriate.

Number 2 really do pay attention to details, polish you shoes, tie your tie properly, trim your nails, the little details. It's not like people notice when you're pulled together but people notice when you're not pulled together. So definitely have a brush, feel free to comb your hair, gloss your lips, just that little bit of detail is going to go a long way.

Number 3 is we've all heard the expression dressing for the job you want. I do believe in the overdress. If you're ever going to be in a situation where you're not quite sure, I do believe to go over versus under and here's why, you are going to feel uncomfortable, you're going to feel self-conscious if you're under dressed. If you're overdressed often times it's a way of just standing out, differentiating yourself and feeling more positive and powerful about yourself.

We should all have a power suit in our wardrobe and what I mean by this, it could even be a pair of jeans, it's just an outfit that makes you feel fantastic about yourself. Because not only are we dressing for success, in order to present ourselves to other people, but we're dressing for our success so that we feel most positive about ourselves. So that we feel most confident, so we're able to present ourselves in the best way possible. That's how you dress for success.


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