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How to Sharpen Your Job Interview Skills

Learn how to sharpen your job interview skills from career expert Nicole Williams in this Howcast video.


"An interviewer can ask you any number of questions but what they are looking for is, for you to convince them that you are the perfect fit for this particular job. So, your job is to know, as much about this company as possible so that required support you are asked in an interview, you are going to attach your past work experience, to this particular job opportunity. The other key to
sharpening your job interview skills, because so much of the interview is actually non-verbal, is to get in front of the video camera and see what you
might be doing non verbally to distract away from your answers. So, whether if
you are twirling your hair or constantly saying ""like"" or you know shifting in
your chair, you could be doing things that are distracting away from whatever
great answer you are giving to these interview questions. Those are the two
things you need to consider in sharpening your interview skills.

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