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How to Cope with Panic Attacks

Learn how to cope with panic attacks from psychiatrist Ankur Saraiya in this Howcast video.


Anxiety Disorders: Coping with Panic Attacks: Generally speaking if you're wondering how to cope with panic attacks most likely you're experiencing panic attacks in the context of panic disorder. Panic disorder is having panic attacks but then also being worried about having panic attacks and doing things to try to avoid situations that can lead to panic attacks which makes sense but these activities can interfere with day to day functioning. So, in terms of preventing or dealing with panic attacks there's several medication options. There's medications that can be used to reduce anxiety and therefore reduce the frequency and severity of the panic attacks. But then there are also medications that can be taken on the spot, before or right when the panic attack begins so it limits the severity and duration of the panic attack therefore the individual is less concerned about having panic attacks because they know they can be controlled. So what all of this implies is that the best way to cope with panic attacks is to get an evaluation with a psychiatrist, get on effective medication which will then be used to manage the initial panic attacks and eventually the individual won't have panic attacks anymore because they'll know that they can control the panic attacks and that knowledge by itself will help them control them.

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