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What Is Generalized Anxiety Disorder & How Is It Treated?

Learn about generalized anxiety disorder and treatment from psychiatrist Ankur Saraiya in this Howcast video.


As the name implies generalizing anxiety disorder refers to anxiety that is prevasive for an individual and involves individual worrying about several different arenas of their life at the same time. its also not limited to discrete episodes but is as again name implies generalised in that the anxiety is experienced for most of the day if not whole day,everyday by these individuals and the other thing thats important to keep in mind is that the worry cant be everyday worry but its the level of worry and anxiety that interferes with an individuals ability to function.They are so concerned ,they are so anxious that it actually interferes their ability to get things done and they avoid certain activities because of concern over the anxiety with the anxiety itself.In terms of treating genralised anxiety disorder the best treatment is a combination of using medications and psychotherapy.The medications should be the medications that can prevent anxiety because these individuals have their anxiety all the time and psychotherapy can probably help people understand what the triggers are and why they are having the anxiety to begin with and as they gain mastery on understanding their anxiety they will hopefully be able to control it in a way that doesn't interfere with their lives. However its important to understand that these people are not choosing to be anxious so they should certainly be evaluated n strongly consider medication treatment because they are not going to simply be able to control their anxiety ,if they could it wouldn't be a disorder. So generalized anxiety disorder is as the name implies a general state of anxiety and its very em-animal to treatment.If you or someone you know thinks they may have generalized anxiety disorder, its definitely good idea to get an evaluation with psychiatrist to find out what might be that will help.

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