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How Is Bipolar Disorder Treated?

Learn how bipolar disorder is treated from psychiatrist Ankur Saraiya in this Howcast video.


That very first thing I want to emphasize is that in individuals who have poor disorder generally are going to require treatment. The extremes of manic episodes usually lead people to have different qualities. It can be difficulties where they get rested or their frequently handling of hospitalized. It can even lead to simply not being able to keep a job or problems in relationships. So I would say, the ray of sciatic disorders but polio disorder is the one where its very important for individuals to be in treatment and that treatment is almost certainly going to consists of using medications. So what kind of medications can be used to treat by polio disorder. Here also there is confusion in terminology there is group of medication called moods stabilization. But I think a better way to think about medication by polio disorder are; medication to treat depression and medication to help treat a manage mania. The mood stabilizers are often going to be the medication that are equated with medication mania but there are some confusion because there are certain medications, there are very good for treating depressions for the specific individual who have both depression and manic episode. So rather than talking about anti-depressions and anti- medications and moods stabilizers. It's important to understand that there are medications that are used to treat depression, there are medications, that are used to treat mania. And certain combinations are going to work well for individual by polio disorder and the reasons for this is that many anti depressions can actually trigger and makes manic symptoms worst. So it's important to treat with a psychiatrist to knows how to manager polio disorder, so you can get the answer the right combinations, the medication to manage depression and medication to manage and prevent manic episodes. The two take of messages are do be a treatment with a psychiatrist and do understand that's it's important to be a medications like manage both depressive episodes and manic episodes.

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