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What Is a Bipolar Manic Episode Like?

Learn what a bipolar disorder manic episode is like from psychiatrist Ankur Saraiya in this Howcast video.


Its important to recognize that the way that psychiatric disorders are characterized is a Chinese manual approach so often you need to have two or five or four or nine or some number of a full list of symptoms so its important to understand that what a particular episode looks like in one person can look very different than what it looks like in another person depending on which of the symptoms are most prone for a particular individual but in general a manic episode can be thought basically as the opposite of a depressive episode so instead of thinking, having negative thoughts and thinking that nothing is going to work out individuals with a manic episodes think that they can do no wrong and tend to discount any possibility of failure, other things that are characteristic are a decreasing for sleep, meaning that people in the middle of a manic episodes actually don't need to sleep too much and they can get by with as little as two or three hours of sleep per night and in extreme cases people don't sleep at all for days up to a week or more at a time, other aspects include what we call pressured speech, they are speaking rapidly their thoughts and their words are crashing into one another and coming so quickly and they tend to jump from idea to idea with no real organization so individuals with extreme a manic episode will have this pressured speech and confidence and this neglect for risk of any negative outcome so they tend to engage in risky behaviors or take on a lot of responsibility or spend a lot of money and at times this ends up getting them into trouble where they get arrested and end up getting fired, losing their job or they can end u in the emergency room so a manic episode is basically a period of very elevated mood with very high energy with total disregard of the consequences of their action

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