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How Does Diet Affect Psychiatric Disorders?

Learn how diet can affect psychiatric disorders from psychiatrist Ankur Saraiya in this Howcast video.


Diet and Psychiatric Disorders: There's often an artificial separate between mental health and physical health and one of the areas where this manifests most clearly is the question of diet and whether or not diet can impact psychological health, and definitely it can because anything that we put in our bodies is going to affect the way that we feel and the way that we function and there's definitely a connection between our physical health and our psychological health. Rather than thinking about what diet is good for dealing with depression and what diet is good for dealing with anxiety, I recommend paying attention to, and understanding how the things that we put in our body affect us, both good and bad, and this will help us make better decisions about our diets. Another area where this is relevant is the issue of supplements and over-the-counter remedies versus prescription medications. I often get questions from patients about whether one is better than the other and I would recommend that people think about these things equally. In other words, understand that whether you're talking about prescription medications or illicit drugs or supplements or vitamins, these are basically substances that we put in our bodies with the desired effect and with the potential for having side effects, and if we evaluate everything equally and understand how they affect us, we can make the best decisions about what we want to eat and what supplements we want to use and what medications we want to take to make decisions that are going to our best and optimal psychological health.

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