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What Is Histrionic Personality Disorder?

Learn about histrionic personality disorder from psychiatrist Ankur Saraiya in this Howcast video.


Histrionic Personality Disorder were first two specific disorders for individuals who have a tendency of wanting to have a attention on themselves. They need to be the focus of the attention and they will use various behavior to try to gain that attention. They tend to be overly romanic randios. They tend to be over flirtatious. And they need to have the attention of the everyone in the world. Because of this need for constant attention, the relationships tend to be very superficial. And they tend to be shifting in the religiousness, looking for attention and wined to be centre of attention at any situation that they are in. The individuals that have a this personality disorder don't generally come seeking treatment. But sometimes will come to treatment that other disorders that develop when their needs for constant attention and anneration or at man. And they will develop depressive symptoms if they cant match to become the centre of attention. Often in everyday life, if we encounter these people as dramaquates. Everything his major production, everything is very important and they have to be at the central level. And that's the usually the way that you might encounter somebody with this disorder. As psychiatrists, we don't often see people coming to treatment. Specifically for the disorder but it can be the underlying basis for why they are constantly frustrate and their attempts for attention and it can lead to symptoms of depression and other things that they have coming to treatment for.

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