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How to Understand Mood Disorders with Ankur Saraiya, MD

Learn about Ankur Saraiya, MD, one of Howcast's experts in mood, personality, anxiety, psychiatric, and psychotic disorders, in this video.


My name is Dr. Ankur Saraiya and we are certified in general psychiatry and practicing in NewYork city for ten years.Have a degree in biology from Harvard and medical and psychiatry training at Columbia and now I am a faculty at NYU in Well view hospital. I specialize in treating patients with mood and anxiety disorders including bipolar disorders and I have a special interest in working with people with sleep issues. Because I have holistic mind body approach I am also comfortable at the intersection between mental health and other areas of medicine. In particular with patients with digestive system disorder but really any area of physical medicine. I am also part of shrinking group of psychiatrists who still practice psychotherapy. I became a psychiatrist because I want to work closely with my patients collaboratively not focusing just on individual symptoms but working with person as a whole. Patients often come to me thinking that they are just going to get a prescription but then we end up on working on issues related to personal relationships, carrier and of course psychological and physical health. I also happy to work collaboratively with patients who already have a therapist focusing on just medication or provide a holistic evaluation for patients who may already have a psychiatrist but may want to consider other modalities other than medication. Patients and colleagues can read more about me on my website at that is I can reach by email at mindbody@drsaraiya. Thank you for listening to my introduction and I wish you the best of luck in your search for good mental health.

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