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How Does Exercise Affect Psychiatric Disorders?

Learn how exercise affects psychiatric disorders from psychiatrist Ankur Saraiya in this Howcast video.


Friends often ask me, what things can they do to help preserve their mental health. And I have them go back to the basics, which are diet, sleep, and exercise. And I wanna focus on exercise, because there isn't a full understanding of how beneficial exercise can be for various mental health conditions. But absolutely, the recommendations that you hear about exercise, and making it part of your routine, and its benefits on your physical health absolutely apply to mental health issues, for both improving your mood, for helping to control anxiety, and just, overall, keeping your general sense of well being. Absolutely, exercise is an integral part of an overall treatment plan, and to maintain good mental health. Having regular exercise helps maintain stable sleep, which is another way that you can help ensure good mental health. And having strong and healthy physical well being is a lynchpin in supporting brain health, and keeping yourself fully fit, both physically and mentally. So when you're trying to look for reasons to make sure that you're keeping up with regular exercise, do keep in mind that by keeping up your physical health and exercise, you're actually protecting your mental health as well.

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