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How to Pick a Psychiatrist

Learn how to choose a psychiatrist from psychiatrist Ankur Saraiya in this Howcast video.


So, finding a Psychiatrist can be a very complicated process. It's gonna vary depending on where you are and how many Psychiatrists are available. One basic area that has to think about are whom you can feel comfortable with. So think about the person's age, think about their gender, think about where their office is located and how convenient that is and things like that. You wanna find a situation where it's gonna be comfortable and convenient for you because you don't want to have any obstacles in making to an appointment and then the other divisions in terms of how to go about thinking about to find a Psychiatrist is gonna depend on payment. For some people, they need to or want to use their insurance and in these cases the most direct way is to go through your insurance company, usually on their web site and look through their list of providers. And one important thing for me to stress is that those list can often out of date, so do understand that you probably going to have to make several phone calls to even find the Psychiatrist who is still on the insurance panel, who is taking new patients and who is available to see you soon enough for what ever you need. So, that is one way to go. The other way to go if cost is less of a concern or not that is not gonna be a concern but if you can manage to pay for a private evaluation and pay out of your pocket, then it can be useful to look for somebody who is gonna be able to provide you the most comprehensive and most useful evaluation and a good rule of thumb is to see somebody who is affiliated with the big local medical center. So, what you can do is you can go to the phone book and look up the general numbers for the closest big epidemic medical center, big medical university that has a hospital associated with it. Call their general number and explain that you like to find a Psychiatrist who is affiliated with that center. And they will gradually be able to direct you down a list of potential resources and eventually you will be able to get a few names of Psychiatrists who are associated with that center. And the reason that this is useful is because they are most likely be familiar with the variety of treatment options that are available including both medications and various kinds of psychotherapy, so you can get the most comprehensive evaluation and find the best treatment for you.

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