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What Is a Battle Buddy at Basic Training?

Learn what battle buddies are in this US army basic training video from Howcast with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


In basic training you will be assigned to a battle buddy. The two of you will do everything together, and most importantly be responsible for each other. Just like in combat you guys have to look out for one another. This battle buddy could be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how you approach the relationship. And I can tell you from experience, a good relationship will make basic training much more enjoyable. The drill sergeants will pair you up with someone who comes from a different race, background, and even has a different personality than you. They want you to be able to work closely with someone from a different background. Follow these tips to make sure you and your battle buddy have a good relationship. If you're not working with your battle buddy make sure you always know where he or she is. Also, when you meet your battle buddy make sure you exchange vital information like chronic injuries, and allergies. And make sure you have an open and honest talk about your pet peeves, your personality types, and even your interests. Be sure that each of you understand what to expect from each other. That's very important. In the morning make sure your battle buddy is dressed properly, and has the bunk made properly, and has all the needed equipment for the day. In the evening make sure that all the equipment is accounted for, quiz each other to prepare for any upcoming tests, and review the following days schedule to prepare accordingly. Also make a conscious effort to be tolerant towards your battle buddy. You both will be stressed, you guys are gonna be tired, you're gonna be homesick, which is usually a recipe for crabby behavior. Frequently ask your battle buddy if he or she needs help. Offering your assistance when needed will result in getting assistance when it's needed to. If the relationship works out great your battle buddy will be an extra set of eyes and ears for you which will make basic training a much more enjoyable experience.

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