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How to Understand Your Drill Sergeant

Learn how to understand your drill sergeant in this US army basic training video from Howcast with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


Did you know that drill sergeant's are the only species on Earth that will eat their young while smiling? Actually, in all seriousness, drill sergeants are humans, believe it or not. You both have the same goal-to get you to graduate. They don't hate you, and they don't really mean the mean, nasty things they say to you. Understand what the drill sergeants want from you. First, to be attentive. Second, to be quite but motivated. And third, they want you to follow orders. I had a drill sergeant who was ruthless in our platoon. Constant insults, he woke us up in the middle of the night, routinely telling us to exercise in the cold weather in the dead of night. One of the best experiences I had at basic training was when he dropped us off, after graduation, at the airport. I was walking away and the drill sergeant yelled at me one last time,"Hey, Volkin!". I turned around thinking,"oh God,he's going to make me do push-ups and in front of everybody", and he said,"nice job",and I actually saw a smile out of that drill sergeant for the first time. And, after flipping him off, I walked away-no I really didn't flip him off, but I realized then that the drill sergeant had the same goal as me-to graduate. Well, I hope that you have a similar experience as I did with your drill sergeants. But in all actuality, they don't hate you. They want you to graduate-just like you do.

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