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How to Avoid Getting Yelled at during Basic Training

Learn how to avoid getting yelled at during basic training in this Howcast video with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


Getting yelled at is inevitable in basic training but follow these tips and I am going to make your face time with your drill sergeant a lot less frequent. Label everything. Common reasons why recruits get yelled at at basic training is because they lose an item of clothing. It is okay to take a sharpee and put your initials inside equipment. Another tip: don't be a know-it-all in basic training. Many recruits come to basic training hearing stories from their friends and family. Drill sergeants aren't impressed with what you know, because you know next to nothing compared to them. Do not call out an answer unless you are called upon. Speak with confidence. Drill sergeants love to pick on recruits who answer or talk in a calm or timid voice. They don't want any future personnel at the military sounding like Prince or Richard Simmons. When asked a question, only respond with a confident voice. Even a wrong answer spoken confidently sounds better than a right answer spoken timidly. Don't be late. When a drill sergeant asks you to be somewhere in forty-five seconds, be there in fifteen. Drill sergeants are known for being impatient. Another tip is attitude. It is rare in the civilian world to get yelled at the way a drill sergeant is going to yell at you. Don't show your drill sergeant you have a bad attitude. If you do, they are going to be on you like mayonnaise on a fried bologna sandwich, which is delicious by the way.

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