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Are You Ready for Basic Training?

Learn if you're ready for basic training with the quiz in this US army basic training video from Howcast with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


Welcome to the are you ready for basic training quiz. Today's contestant is you. Thank you. Alright, I'm going to ask you five questions. Shout out the answer if you know it. Question number one. The letter 'R' in the phonetic alphabet stands for Romeo, Riffle, Recycled or Ralph. The answer is Romeo. Question number two. Motivation singing while marching is called alto-belting, a cadence, octive marching, or moon walking? The answer, a cadence. Question number three. If a Drill Sargent tells you to be in formation in 45 seconds, you should be there in 15 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute or whenever you feel like it? The answer is whenever you feel, no, the answer is 15 seconds. Question number four. If your Drill Sargent gives you an Article 15 you should feel proud, feel sad, give the Drill Sargent an Article 15 yourself or expect a promotion? The answer is feel sad. Article 15 is a non-judicial punishment. Question number five is true or false. Fifty fifty chance. A great way to prepare for basic training is to go to the gym and lift weights. That is false. There is no gym at basic training. Question number six. At basic training you always expect to blank. Make friends, loose weight, get sick or get a day off every now and then. The answer is get sick. At basic training there a lot of recruits packed very tightly together so more than likely someone is going to get coughed on and sneezed upon and everyone is gonna get sick. If you got between three and five right, you need to study up a little bit. If you got all six right then you are on your way to being a super recruit. If you got less than three right, get down and give me 300 push ups.

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