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Can You Take Prescriptions during Basic Training?

Learn if you can take prescriptions during basic training in this Howcast video with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


"Welcome to the first and only episode of ""What About My Prescription?"". I'm your host Sgt. Volkin, and in this episode I'll be fielding questions from a fake audience today.
Alright, thank you very much. So, what will happen if you bring your prescription medicines to Basic Training? Very easy answer. It's going to be taken away from you. If you require medication you most likely won't get passed MEPS, or the Medical Entrance Processing Station.
Once you're at Basic Training and you need to obtain medicine, you can go to Sick Hall and get it there. Sick Hall's not that much fun though. If the medication is strong enough that you can overdose, you're going to have to take the medication with your Drill Sargeant, and that usually comes with contingencies like doing push-ups so that's not fun.
So, let's go ahead and go to the questions from our fake audience.
Question number one: ""Can I bring my birth control with me to Basic Training""?
The answer is 'No'
Question number two: ""Can I bring my asthma inhaler?""
The answer is 'No' In fact, you can't even get into the military with asthma, so the answer is still 'No'.
Question number three: ""Can I bring my heartburn pills?""
The answer is 'No'.
Another question from our fake audience is ""Can I bring my heart-worm medication?""
Not unless you're a canine and if you're a canine, you can't get into the military, so the answer is 'No'.
Another question: ""Can I bring my Viagra?""
'No', not sure why you're going to want to bring that to Basic Training anyway.
Thank you for joining me on the series premier and the final episode of ""What About My Prescription?"""

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