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How to Mentally Prepare for Basic Training

Learn how to mentally prepare for basic training in this Howcast video with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


How to mentally prepare for basic training. Get ready for this. People won't like you at basic training, but don't take it personally. You're in a high stress environment, and you're not really there to make friends. You're there to graduate, and be part of the US military. So don't worry if nobody likes you, okay? Here's another tip...wake up early. If you're going to basic training on the east coast, and you live on the west coast, you should probably wake up at about 2am. And don't just wake up and watch cartoons. I want you to get a good workout in. Go for a morning run. Because that's what you're gonna be doing at basic training, alright? So wake up nice and early. Probably between 4 and 5am is when you'll be waking up at basic training. Another tip, stop your habits, snacking, smoking, crack cocaine. Whatever your habit is, there's no snacking at basic training. So stop it now, or stop on your drill sergeant's terms. And that's a less pleasant experience. Another tip, eat quick. Tell your Mom I told you it was okay. You have less than 3 minutes to eat your meals at basic training. So you wanna eat very fast. Chew your food, but don't choke on it. Basic training is mostly a mental challenge. By preparing properly, you will make life a lot easier.

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