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How to Avoid Homesickness during Basic Training

Learn how to avoid homesickness during basic training in this Howcast video with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


How to avoid getting homesick at basic training. First and foremost, write letters home often. Everyone does it, there's no shame in doing it, you should do it often. Another tip, bring a wallet sized picture and wrap them in a sheet of paper. Open one whenever you get the urge. Right there, here's my picture of my girlfriend. You might have recognized her from some movies, Jessica Alba. In all honesty though, you should bring a little picture with you. It's okay to bring friends and family just no pornography. Another tip, leave gifts around the house for your loved ones. A part of not feeling homesick is knowing that your loved ones are taken care of too. So if you leave one a week for them to unwrap you'll feel a lot better about yourself. Another tip about relieving homesickness is to talk to others about who you're missing. And listen to others too. A lot of times talking to other ones about your loved ones helps a lot. Most importantly, acknowledge that you're homesick and it's natural to feel that way. Everyone feels that way. Even drill sergeants are away from their family. Lastly, use the homesickness to motivate you to be the best that you can be. Hurry up and graduate and get home to your loved ones.

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