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How to Tell Military Time for Basic Training

Learn how to tell military time in this US army basic training video from Howcast with Sergeant Michael Volkin.


"In basic training you're gonna hear your drill sergeant say meet me at 3pm. Actually you're not because we don't use civilian time in the military. The military uses what's call the military time! Because civilian time isn't good enough for us, so let me teach you how to tell military time so you and your drill serge can be on the same page. First of all civilian use a 12 hour clock, so at noon the clock starts over again at 1pm-okay. The military uses a 24 hour clock, so at noon the number continues; 13, 14, 15 and so on-all the way to twenty four hundred hours or zero hundred hours which is the exact same time. In military time there is no need for an am or pm. The military clock starts at zero hundred hours and ends at twenty three hundred and fifty nine hours. If you drill sergeant tells you to meet at zero eight hundred hours, that means 8am. If your drill sergeant tells you to meet at twenty hundred hours that would be 8pm, so you just add 12 to anything after noon. Pretty simple huh-AS A TIP the morning hour are exactly the same. In the afternoon though you just simply subtract 12 from what your sergeant says. So that's gonna give you the civilian equivalent. Hopefully this clear things up for you and if you have a digital watch it's most likely has the military function on there, so practice before you get to basic training set that digital watch to military time so you can make it second nature by the time you arrive at basic training.


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