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How to Recognize, Treat & Prevent HPV

Learn about the symptoms of, treatment for, and ways to prevent becoming infected with HPV from sexpert Jane Bogart in this Howcast video.


Let's talk about HPV symptoms, treatment and prevention. HPV is Human Papillomavirus also sometimes referred to as genital warts. Human Papillomavirus as it sounds is a virus. It is treatable not necessarily curable and it is transmitted from skin to skin contact. So if someone were to have HPV on their genitals such as on the vulva, sides of the vagina, around their rectum or on the shaft of their penis or even on their inner thighs; those warts will be transmitted to someone else's skin through contact with the skin. The best way to prevent HPV would be not to have skin to skin contact with somebody who has HPV. The other would be to have some sort of barrier between your skin and the other person's skin. And that might be using a condom, using a dental dam which is a latex covering that goes over the vulva or the anus. Or you can even use plastic wrap if you want to and you don't want to use a dental dam. Anything that creates a barrier between your skin and someone else's skin will help prevent transmission of HPV. There is no one hundred percent prevention for HPV because sometimes you can't tell somebody has it. You can't necessarily cover all the areas where HPV might be on somebody else's body. You can do the best [effort] you can by using barriers. Treating HPV is done through a medical provider. To diagnose HPV often someone will notice that they have a wart or a bump or a new growth on their penis or on their vulva, where they might something that wasn't there before and they would go to the medical provider. And that person would look at it, physical examination and determine whether or not that was a wart. And the warts can be treated through medication. They can be treated through Cryotherapy which will be freezing the wart off. They can be cauterized which will be more of an electrical burning of the wart off. There are also creams and lotions that you can use on the wart that eventually will get them to fall off. And sometimes for some people the warts just resolve themselves and disappear. Those are all the options that you have for treatment you really want to talk about with your medical provider to figure out based on your HPV what might be best.

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