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Does HPV Cause Cancer?

Learn about the connection between the human papillomavirus (HPV) and cancer from sexpert Jane Bogart in this Howcast video.


"HPV is Human Papillomavirus and there are several high risk strains of Human Papillomavirus that tend to live in the rectum or on the cervix which is the opening of the uterus at the end of the vaginal canal for women. Sometimes those strains of HPV can cause abnormal cells. The way to detect that is through a PAP test and you can get a PAP test for rectally, and you can also get one vaginally, and that test for abnormal cells in the cervix or on the anus, and if there are abnormal cells detected, what will happen is usually another procedure which is called a colposcopy, which will take some of those cells off the cervix or off the rectum and those cells will be examined to see if they're cancerous or precancerous. Those abnormal cells are caused by HPV. If it's not detected or treated, those abnormal cells can become cancerous. You end up with cervical cancer, anal cancer.

It's said that most cases of cervical cancer are untreated or undiagnosed HPV.

So that's the relationship between HPV and cancer for both rectal or anal cancer and for vaginal or cervical cancer. "

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