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What Is the HPV Vaccine?

Learn about the HPV vaccine, which helps protect against the human papillomavirus, from sexpert Jane Bogart in this Howcast video.


Let's talk about the HPV vaccine. HPV is human papilloma virus, and the good news is that there is a vaccine that helps prevent certain strains of HPV. Those strains are the ones that tend to infect the genitals and also the high-risk strains that might infect a woman's cervix.

The HPV vaccine became available probably about five or six years ago. It is FDA approved, and it is approved for young women under the age of 26, and recently just became approved for young men also under the age of 26. The hope is that the more young people who get vaccinated for HPV, the less likely it is for that to be transmitted.

Actually, HPV, one in four young people under the age of 25 are infected with HPV. As we vaccinate more young people, the hope is that it will eliminate those strains of HPV, and that they will not be transmitted, and that people won't be infected with those strains of HPV.

The way to get the vaccine is through a medical provider or a family planning clinic. It involves a series of three vaccines, each taken about three months apart. Once you are finished with that treatment, you never need to get vaccinated again. It's great that there's prevention for HPV. It's so common and very easily transmitted. I highly recommend that if you are of age that you get vaccinated against HPV.

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