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When Does HIV Become AIDS?

Learn how and when HIV becomes AIDS from sexpert Jane Bogart in this Howcast video.


"Center for decease control has determined certain parameters for telling when a person moves from HIV to AIDS, and those indicators includes,having which called having opportunistic infections, and there are certain infections are more like to occur in people who have AIDS, and some others are Pneumonia or CMV which is a virus which can effect the brains, or the eyes, in certain cases it could be a certain type of cancer, that are rare, but we will show that particularly in people who are HIV infected.

So having an opportunistic infections is one way that determines that someone is moving from HIV to AIDS.

Another way is which called T cell Account, and T cells are the helper cells in blood stream that shows that how strong your immune system is !

So in T cell account under 200 would need someone to be diagnosed with the AIDS VS HIV.

Another way of looking at viral load, and so the certain amount of viral load they will determine that someone has been an HIV infected to having AIDS.

So this is we believe the parameters that will indicate that someone is moving from HIV to AIDS.

If you are HIV positive its really important for you to work with your medical provider to keep track of your T cell Account, to keep track of your viral load

to see if you have been in signs or symptoms of opportunistic infections.

and to try to stay as healthy as possible."

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