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Can Non-Genital Herpes Cause Genital Herpes?

Learn if non-genital herpes can cause genital herpes from sexpert Jane Bogart in this Howcast video.


Let's talk a little bit about non-genital herpes and whether that can cause any genital herpes. Non-general herpes as often we refer to as hollow herpes and thats caused by a virus which is HSV 1.And that virus tends to like to live on ur lips so round the memrane of the lips. That virus can be transmitted to someone's genital. If it's an active virus and if there is an outbreak on someone's lips, you can transmit that if u dont use a barrier between their lips, your oval,anus and your peanus.They can transmit that to your genitals and then you would actually have outbreaks on your genitals. Your body doesn't really differentiate between other genitals and you have viral infection on your genitals. It would most likely be HSV1. HSV1 tends to cause a sever outbreak then whats commonly we call as genital herpes which is caused by HSV2. However the outbreaks occur in your genitals and they can still be uncomfortable. And you can still transmit them from your genitals to somebody else's genitals. So these are the key things to know about non-genital herpes.

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