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Genital Herpes Symptoms

Learn to recognize genital herpes symptoms from sexpert Jane Bogart in this Howcast video.


I think the most important thing to know about genital herpes is that you can transmit it whether or not someone has symptoms-the kind of things you are looking for with genital herpes are little bumps and sometimes they look like little blisters, and they can be really uncomfortable. You can also have burning upon urination if the bumps are on your vulva, (the outside of the vagina) or on your penis. They can also be on the outside around your mouth, that's where most people who have oral herpes will get them. The thing to know is that you can also transmit oral herpes to someone to someone's genitals, and then they will have herpes on their genitals. It's key to know that you can also transmit herpes even if someone doesn't have symptoms. One of the things you are looking for is when the virus is active - that's called shedding - and that sometimes happens when people are about to get an outbreak. They might know that because they might have a tingling sensation on their lip or on their vulva or around the anus. So that's the time to actually avoid having sexual contact with someone because the virus is highly transmissible then. So again, you can transmit herpes with or without symptoms but the symptoms you are looking for are blisters or bumps that tend to be uncomfortable or painful. They tend to show up on the vulva, around the anus, or around the lip area.

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