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Genital Herpes Myths & Facts

Learn the top genital herpes myths and facts from sexpert Jane Bogart in this Howcast video.


"One of the biggest genital herpes is that in order to be infected you have to see genital herpes and that's not true.

Herpes is a virus and it actually can live in you're nerve and body so what can happen is that you can be infected, you can never have an outbreak and you can pass the infection on to somebody. You can also have an outbreak and be surf ill from the outbreak and may not be able to pass the infection on to someone , you can also have genital herpes , have no symptoms what so ever and pass infection on to someone so the thing that get's confusion about genital herpes is weather or not they have to be present in order if you get affected.

And the true is, Yes and No if someone have genital herpes and they have an outbreak most likely you can be able to see that outbreak , they will know they have an outbreak , it's uncomfortable , usually looks like little blister, You can have one blister or have a series of little blisters, so if that is present of someone's genitals or if someone have oral herpes they have a blister or herpes on they're lip , those are the times that you wanna avoid having contact with other persons, lip or genitals on your genitals or your lips or on you're anus.

The other time interestingly is where you're herpes is contagious is when it's called shedding .

Shedding it's when you're virus it's active in someone's system often people will not when that happens ,especially before an outbreak is happen that they have like a tingling in the spot where usually comes out but again you can also get infected from herpes by someone who doesn't have shedding and doesn't have an outbreak but they can be able to passing through from skin to skin to you're body.

Herpes is treatable but it's not curable especially when somebody's infected they do have an infection , you can take medication that will surpass infection's for you , you can also take medication when you'll get an infection that will less an infection but actually is no cure for herpes so some serious miss a facts to know about herpes."

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