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AIDS Symptoms

Learn how to recognize the symptoms of AIDS from sexpert Jane Bogart in this Howcast STD video.


One of the things that people do often is confuse HIV with AIDS, so just for clarification HIV is a virus that people get infected with. At certain point people may or may not turn into AIDS. AIDS is defined by having a certain T-cell count in your body or possibly a certain viral load, or having what is called opportunistic infection. And because HIV impairs the immune system, people with AIDS often have infections such as pneumonias that people who don't have HIV infection will never show up with. So one of the things to know is that you can not tell from looking at someone, talking to someone, examining someone's body whether or not they have AIDS. The only way to actually tell if someone is HIV infected is for them to have a blood test and that will tell you the viral load that they have or that HIV is present in their blood stream. So again, really keen to know if you're looking to symptoms of AIDS, you're very unlikely to find them, especially because we now have such great medications that people get when their HIV is positive and often never ever end up with symptoms of AIDS.

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