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How to Recognize, Treat & Prevent Crabs

Learn how to recognize, treat and prevent the STD crabs (pubic lice) from sexpert Jane Bogart in this Howcast video.


Ok so lets talk a little bit about crabs, crabs are sexually transmitted. They're actually a parasite they're also known as pubic lice. The thing about crabs is that they're highly contagious so if your partner has crabs it's very likely you'll get them. They are tiny, they look actually like tiny tiny little crabs. They like to live in hairy areas like your armpits, or your eyebrows your pubic hair or hair around the rectum and they like to feast on blood. So before they've eaten they actually look kinda greyish and clear. After they've eaten they look a little bit more like dark brown or reddish because they're full of blood. They're a little bit itchy and uncomfortable so you'll probably know that you have them. The thing about crabs is that they're completely curable; you can buy over the counter medication for crabs. Or you can have a doctor prescribe medication for crabs. The key thing is that both people need to be treated at the same time, or if you have one or more partners with crabs all of you need to be treated at the same time. Otherwise you can pass it back and forth to one another. And the course of treatment is really important so it's really important if you're prescribed medication that you take all of it. Or if you buy over the counter medication that you follow the directions the way they're written on the box. You don't have to shave your hair off, you don't have to burn your sheets or burn your towels. But, you need to wash everything very thourghly. There's some really great instructions that you can find on the box of medication or that your doctor can tell you about how to get rid of them. so the key things to remember are, they're easy to get, they're easily curable and partners need to be treated at the same time. So that's just a little bit about crabs.

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